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Security Software Limited (Preventon) are specialists in providing software security services.

Developed specifically for non-expert PC users, the Preventon Secure Internet Desktop (PSID) software suite provides corporate-strength protection against all major internet security threats and malware including viruses, trojans, spyware, phishing and hacking attacks. It also provides comprehensive content filtering, blocking inappropriate and unsavoury Web material and email spam, as well as Parental Control tools for managing Web access and use of software programs.

PSID has an uncomplicated and refined interface that is easy to use and enables non-experts to configure powerful desktop security in minutes. Designed to be delivered on a subscription-basis by an ISP, PSID reduces the hassle, cost and complexity of protecting your PC.

Preventons subscription-based platform enables ISPs to increase revenues, loyalty and market share by delivering a highly-sticky security service designed for non-expert mass-market users. It has a low Total Cost of Ownership, requiring minimal capital investment and having negligible ongoing support costs. And as a true DRM subscription-based solution, PSID reduces churn by raising the barrier to consumers switching ISP accounts.

Preventon’s true subscription-based service ensures a stickiness between the ISP and customer. True subscription solutions not only cease to download program updates (in the case of Anti-Virus software), but also completely stop working upon termination of a customers contract with their ISP – if they change their ISP the software ceases to work.

PSID can be easily re-branded, making Preventon completely transparent to end-users, allowing ISPs to retain full ownership and control over their subscribers. It can be deployed quickly and easily, allowing revenues to be recognised in weeks.

Preventons ISP customers, which include many Tier-1 European service providers and have a combined subscriber-base of over 40 million.

About Security Software Ltd & Preventon.

As of January 2013 Preventon Technologies Ltd was taken over by Security Software Ltd, Security Software Ltd acquired all of the Preventon brand & copyright. Security Software Ltd is able to add their experience of the internet security market and by having the Preventon brand and its customer base, will enable the Preventon brand to grow further.

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Preventon was originally formed in 2001 and our success is primarily in the ISPs and OEMs markets. Preventon have successfully deployed their value added service (VAS) Solution in The Americas, Europe, Middle East, The Far East and Australasia. Preventon delivers a range of solutions to suit the needs of service providers and the like.